Raising Wang Xingjie’s Dumbo Basset Dog, you need to pay attention to these

Dog Training

The dog star I want to introduce to you today is named basset. No matter who it faces, it always maintains a melancholy look. The naturally sad expression makes people who see it for the first time think that this guy has been wronged too much, but in fact, this guy has a cheerful personality and is very docile and obedient.

In addition to the sad expression, this guy also has a highly recognizable feature, that is, the pair of "plantain fan" ears. Whenever it runs, these big ears will fan up and down ,Extremely fun. (PS: Sometimes when you run too fast, you will hear a crackling sound. Don’t worry, this is the Basset dog being slapped in the face by your own ears. I don’t know if it hurts, haha~)

To feed Wang Xingjie's

Although the Basset dogs They are very cute and get along very well with people, but the daily maintenance of this kind of dog is not simple, they are more prone to some minor health problems, if you do not pay attention to these minor problems, it may bring serious problems to the little ones. Big trouble. So today I will introduce to you the precautions and common diseases of Basset dogs.

1. Cleaning of the big ears: Although the Basset’s big drooping ears are very attractive, they are also a place where dirt is easy to hide. Its ears are often in contact with the ground and are easy to get dirty. dirty. If not cleaned in time, you will get ear mites. So every time you go out, it is best to always have ear cleaning liquid, and help it clean the pair of "big cattail fans" regularly.

2. Hair cleaning: Don’t look at this dog as a short-haired dog, but it still sheds very seriously, and it’s all short bristles, so it needs to be cleaned every 3 days or so. Give it a brush. In addition, Basset dogs have relatively strong body odor, which is especially serious in this hot summer. It is best to prepare special aromatic products for pets to bathe it. Don’t shave its hair just because you want to be lazy. Suffer from skin inflammation.

3. Weight control: Basset dogs are very greedy, and they can eat all the dog food you give them, soBe sure to control the amount well. Excessive obesity will make Basset dogs suffer from cardiovascular disease. As an adult, its weight will slowly develop sideways, so daily exercise becomes very important. If you are a lazy person, you need to think twice.

4. Genetic diseases: This little guy also has some family genetic diseases, such as: joint disease (this is caused by hip joint hypoplasia, elbow joint hypoplasia), eye disease (ectropion , glaucoma, etc.), lymphoma, etc., once they appear, it will take time to take care of them and also need some financial support. So shit shovelers who like it must also be mentally prepared.


At the end of the article, The author would like to remind everyone again that the ancestors of the Basset dogs are excellent hounds. Although they have become family playmates over time, their strong curiosity will drive them to see novel things They will go to explore, so the house may often be messed up. In terms of destructive power, it is comparable to the "demolition captain" husky, so if you want to raise them, you must think twice.