Tall in stature and honest in personality lets get to know the Bernese Mountain Dog

Dog breeds
Bernese Mountain Dog. Originating in Europe, these large dogs were originally useful helpers to local shepherds, but as The Times have changed, they have become a favorite family pet. You don't look at it "tall", in fact, it is a veritable coward, this tall body is used to scare people who do not know it. Today Xiaobian will introduce this big guy to you.
I. Appearance

1. Body type: The normal height of the Bourne mountain dog is generally 58-70cm, and the standard weight is generally 40-44kg, which is a large and robust dog breed.

2, head: Bourne mountain dog head is relatively wide, mouth is long, belongs to the big face; Its ears are about a circle smaller than the golden fur and are of medium size. Usually the ears are naturally hanging on both sides of the head, but when it is alert, the ears will turn forward, the ears will bulge, this time do not tease it.

3, limbs: Bourne mountain dog thighs are very wide, muscle is relatively developed; The claws were round and full, and very powerful. Let a person at a glance will understand that they belong to the kind of good running dogs.
4, fur: The Bourne mountain dog body is mainly black, white, brown three colors, black is the main color, the face, limbs and chest will have white or brown markings. The hair is relatively thick, medium length, when the season is changed, the hair loss is more serious, and it may take a lot of time to take care of it.

Ii. Personality

1, gentle and graceful: Bourne mountain dog belongs to the type of late bloomer, the general dog's growth period is about 2 years, and our Bourne mountain dog is 2 years old before slowly maturing. As an adult, it is very polite, polite and obedient.

2, gentle and delicate: Bourne mountain dog for children or other small animals will be very gentle, if properly trained, can become a child master (PS: when it is young, it can not see children, at this time it is a true optimist, playful and naughty bouncing around). His emotional sensitivity makes him sensitive to the emotions of his owner, making him one of the best working breeds.

3. Clingy and communicative. Bourne mountain dogs are very clingy, they have a strong desire to communicate, they like to use a variety of ways to communicate with the owner, if you can get the owner's praise, they will be happy like a little fool. So the small friends who have a Bourne mountain dog at home, praise it more when you are free, so as to enhance the relationship between you.

Having said so many advantages, let's talk about the disadvantages of the Bourne Mountain dog at the end of this article. Compared to other breeds, the life span of the Bourne mountain dog is relatively short, only about 10 years. Moreover, the genetic characteristics of this dog are not very stable, and there are often some congenital diseases, which are difficult to cure, so the shovel officers who want to keep Bourne mountain dogs must think twice before acting, and must not take them home and then make discarding behavior.
Bernese mountain dog coat
The Bernitz Mountain dog's coat is only black, brown and white. And the brown spots on the forehead are similar to those of a Rottweiler.
How to feed Bernese Mountain dogs?
Because its body is relatively tall, and very strong. Then it is necessary to start training from a young age, and the training must not change the importance of family discipline, so that the dog understands the need for discipline in the family survival.

Bernese mountain dogs have very thick coats, and dogs with two coats are more difficult to care for and can be troublesome to clean. But what must be done is to brush the Bernese mountain dog, often brushing can avoid the need for frequent bathing, can also reduce its hair loss, and can make it feel that the home is very clean, they are very clean.

Prevent disease
Starting from the puppy should be vaccinated to protect, although it is a large dog, but also easy to get sick. According to the different needs of the region to choose vaccines, these need to be answered by the local pet hospital.
Eat more meat
As mentioned earlier, this is a large dog, and its appetite is very large, and it needs to eat meat often. So in addition to ordinary dog food, meat can not be less. The amount of meat can be adjusted, but not without meat. Since childhood, the body needs to supplement nutrition frequently, and the adult period is very short, and after the old age, because the supplement is insufficient when the young, it will fall a disease.

Interactive play
What must be done is interactive play, take it for a walk every day, and play games with it when necessary. Some simple games can promote its feelings for the owner, can play an unexpected role.