Saw an orange cat lying on the car, just want to drive it away, approached but silently took out a mobile phone

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For those who want to keep a cat but can't for various reasons, meeting a stray cat on the road is also a kind of luck, or at least can fill the eyes.

But because of the living environment of stray cats, their minds are more difficult to guess, take a look at the following netizen to share a short story.

When the netizen went out this day, he saw an orange cat lying on the side of the road on a car, saw it waving its PAWS at the glass of the car there, thinking that it was very bored in the destruction, just wanted to drive it away, but it looked not quite right.

and so on, netizens were cute by the orange cat, silently took out their mobile phone and took a few photos: What are you doing?

The original orange cat was attracted by a lucky cat in the car, it is estimated that looking at the lucky cat with their own color, but also waving their arms, with it to play. Learn the moves of the lucky cat in that paw dance.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming is a little distressed this stray cat, in the world of pet cats, not only have expensive cat food, but they are never short of toys, and stray cats are different, they even have some difficulties in life, toys for them is a luxury.

In fact, the experience of these stray cats is very sad, but there are still some bad people will hurt them. Although several previous incidents of abuse of stray cats have aroused widespread concern in the society, such cases are still increasing. I hope you can have more kindness to these stray cats, even if you don't love them, don't hurt them.

Some cat lovers can't resist sucking stray cats, veterinarian Xiao Ming advised people not to touch them. Before, an old man was sent to the ICU for rescue because he touched a stray cat in the community, which also confirmed that there are various bacteria on their bodies, and there is a great hidden danger for people with weak resistance.