See the small master stop crying, two ha doubts to look at the master you use what method is so magical

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What does a husky do except tear down his home? Although two Ha is often teased by the master, but also by the master praise!

The husky in this story has been different since childhood, and is very well-behaved at home, like a big brother. When the baby is born, the dog is even easier for the owner!

The owner's husky in the United States has been responsible for watching over the house for several years, but after the baby was born, it also silently paid for the master. The husky was abandoned by his owner when he was seven or eight months old and has been with him ever since. Perhaps it was the experience of being abandoned, and it seemed particularly well-behaved from the time it arrived at its new home.

< img SRC = "" width = "580" height = "392" / > < / p > < p > now, It is almost 6 years old, in the past few years it often to the owner, but also to bring a lot of joy to the family. After the little master was born, two Ha looks like a big brother, it is always very busy. After the baby goes to sleep, it will quickly patrol the outside of the yard to check for anything unusual.

The woman was relieved when she found out that the dog knew how to take care of the baby. One day, the master suddenly heard the child crying. When I entered the room, I found that Erha had gently snuggled up to the little master. He then looked at the owner and stroked the baby's cheek with his mouth in an attempt to comfort the baby. But the child is still crying, what can be done?

I saw it close to the baby, hoping to give him enough security. At this time, the owner knew that the child was hungry, and just after soaking the milk for the child to drink, he immediately stopped crying. Erha looked puzzled and turned his head to the master: What method do you use so magical?

Day by day, through the long time with the child, the husky not only learned the skill of coax the baby, but also knew how to give him enough security. Veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks Erha is already very sweet, most huskies are busy tearing down homes, which time to help take care of children ah!