Take the cat out for a outing, and in order not to get out of the bag, the leg is the split

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Spring is coming, the flowers are opening, the trees and the grass are green, many people will go for an outing in this spring. Some pet owners with cats and dogs also want to take advantage of the time to go out with their pet owners, so that it can also breathe fresh air with them. To the place, let shovel poop officials did not expect is, their cat master is not out of the backpack, in order not to go out of the backpack, the cat master has unlocked a new skill, directly the two legs is a standard split, the two legs are greatly separated, the two claws tightly grasp the edge of the backpack, dead is not out.

Like this phenomenon is mainly in the cat, we all know that the cat does not like sports, and the dog wants to go out to play is not the same, on the contrary, the cat prefers to be lazy at home, they are sensitive to the environment is also great. So if you want to take your cat out with you, it's best not to be tough with them, to slowly guide them, to be patient, if they really don't want to go out, then don't take them out.

Looking at this GIF, we can all feel the helplessness of the shovelling officer, the flexibility of the cat master is quite strong, call for it.

Helpless shovel poop officer: my cat master, you look. Outside the peach blossom open, all kinds of flowers are open, the grass is so green, how beautiful it is, we go out together.

Laipi's cat master

Cat master: Ben Meow knows, Ben Meow also saw, you just carry Ben Meow on the line, Ben Meow can see in the backpack.

Helpless shovel poop officer: In the backpack, you will be very bored, you still come out to see it.

Cat master: It's okay, you don't have to worry about shoveling shit, Ben cat has been used to it, you watch yours.

Helpless shovel poop officer: You see, we have come out, then simply come out to see, this feels better.

Laipi cat owner

Cat owner: this cat said not to go out is not to go out, this cat must stay in the backpack.

Helpless shovel poop officer: you say so, then I will give you some powerful see, I drag... Pull... Pull... Why can't I pull it out.

Cat master: Hum! Shovel shit officer, Ben Meow said not to go out, what can you do to me, see how strong Ben Meow!

Rogue cat master

Cat master: you don't waste your efforts, shovel shit, you can't pull me out!

Helpless shovel poop official:...... I just feel like I can't laugh or cry right now.

Do your cats behave like this?