The woman left work early, saw her husband making out with the cat and didn't want to talk

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There is a sentence called "men do not keep cats, women do not keep dogs", I do not know if you have heard, in fact, this sentence wants to say that the character of men and women will be biased by pets, so it is to use gender to distinguish pet.

In fact, Xiao Ming, a veterinarian, felt that he was not so particular, and our personality could not be so easily changed. Take a look at this short story shared by netizens.

The woman had a cat in her house, which she had asked for and which her husband had refused to keep. However, as time goes on, the changes between the owner and the cat are somewhat subtle, and the cat seems to have a better relationship with her husband, which is completely different from the original.

This day the woman came home from work early, when she opened the door and saw the scene in front of her, she froze in place, saying that she did not want to talk: a little regret having a cat, you go to live with the cat!

The husband looked at the cat affectionately, and then made out with the cat for a while, who can stand it! The original treatment of their own was replaced by a cat, and suddenly feel their status has plummeted, which is not to find a rival for themselves. If women were given another chance to choose, I would never want to have a cat again.

Veterinarian Xiao Ming wanted to say that no matter men, women, or children, they can't escape the law of true incense. The beginning of the story says how much you don't like cats, but at the end, no one can escape, which is probably the charm of cats.

Many couples in order to promote the relationship will choose to raise a pet together, in fact, veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks this idea is not bad, pets are like children, can promote the relationship between couples. But be aware that many couples quarrel or break up after the pet, and even put the fire on the pet, which is not advisable.

< img SRC = "" width = "580" height = "404" / > < / p > < p > all say good gather good spread, The same goes for pets. Now more and more people will even retaliate and hurt each other after breaking up, and some of the more extreme people will threaten each other. Veterinarian Xiao Ming hopes that the kind of psychological extreme people can adjust their mentality, do not do harm to others.