Whales are drawn to the shore as Typhoon Tali makes landfall

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Last night, the fourth typhoon of this year "Tali" landed on the coast of Nansan Island in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province with its powerful force, which has aroused wide concern. It is reported that this is the first typhoon to land in China this year, and its power is shocking. In this typhoon, a video of a whale being washed ashore detonated social media, giving people a more intuitive feeling of the power of nature.

During Typhoon Tali's landfall, the whale was washed ashore by powerful waves and became a victim of the storm. In the video, the whale can be seen struggling on the beach, while people on the shore keep an eye on the unfortunate creature. They took pictures and videos, and some people tried to help him back out to sea, but they couldn't because the waves were too strong.

The typhoon was able to wash the whales ashore mainly because of its powerful winds and waves. According to reports, the maximum wind near the center of Typhoon "Tali" reached 38 meters per second when it landed, which made the sea water produce huge fluctuations, which had a great impact on Marine life. In addition, the influence of meteorological conditions can not be ignored. Before a typhoon, Marine life is often affected, and their sensory systems may be affected, causing them to be unable to accurately judge direction and position.

In addition to the impact on Marine life, the typhoon "Tali" has also brought profound lessons to people. First of all, we need to realize that the power of nature is endless, and human beings should keep a heart of awe when facing nature. Despite our advanced technology and knowledge, we still seem so small in the face of the powerful forces of nature. Second, we need to reflect on the impact of our actions on the natural environment. The development of modern industry and urbanization has put great pressure on our environment, and the impact of Typhoon Tali has shown us the consequences of environmental deterioration. We need to pay more attention to environmental protection and take active measures to reduce our damage to nature.

< img SRC = "https://img.petgov.com/uploads/allimg/20230722/-230H2110015202.png" width = "580" height = "385" / > < / p > < p > in addition, This incident also reminds us that we need to pay more attention to human well-being and security in the face of similar disasters. The government needs to do a good job of disaster prevention and mitigation and provide necessary relief and assistance to those who may be affected. At the same time, the public also needs to have sufficient disaster awareness, and do a good job of self-protection and mutual rescue.

The incident of the whale washing ashore shows us the vulnerability of natural creatures to human activities and natural disasters. We should take this opportunity to pay more attention to environmental protection and human security, and achieve a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

> In general, the landfall of Typhoon "Tali" and the subsequent incident of whales washing ashore have undoubtedly posed new challenges to our environmental awareness and disaster response. In the face of the powerful force of nature, we should keep the heart of awe, respect nature, love life. This is a responsibility both to ourselves and to the planet we share. Let's take this as a lesson and work together to protect the environment and build a more harmonious and beautiful future.