The difference between a blue cat and a British cat

Pet Question

The blue cat is relatively large, generally weighing between 4 and 6 kg, with a long and sturdy body and well-developed muscles. The British short is relatively small, the weight is generally between 3-5 kg, the body is short and thick, and the limbs are short and sturdy. The blue cat's head is long and wide, with a slightly upturned nose and oval eyes that are light green or yellow in color. The head is relatively large and round, the nose bridge is short, the eyes are round, the color is golden or orange.

The blue cat's coat color is greyish-blue, with short, thick, glossy hair. The British short hair color is a variety of blue, black, white, cream, etc., hair is also very short and dense. Blue cats are gentle, friendly and lively, suitable for interacting with family members, and easy to get along with other pets. British short is independent, enthusiastic, intelligent, like independent thinking and play, but also suitable for interaction with family.