Which tortoises are allowed in China

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In China, the species of tortoise are not allowed to be raised by individuals, such as Myanmar tortoise, Egyptian tortoise, Heman tortoise, Sukada tortoise, etc., can not be raised by individuals. Only water turtles and half water turtles can be legally raised, such as Brazilian turtles, grass turtles, snapping turtles, pearl turtles, map turtles, flame turtles, etc.

In China, tortoises are not completely unable to be raised, but they are limited to individual breeding, and only specialized breeding institutions can obtain legal documents to conduct breeding. However, such documents generally have higher requirements, from the breeding site, staffing, health and epidemic prevention, breeding technology, etc., need to meet the requirements in order to handle the breeding license, generally can be successfully handled only zoos, research institutes, farms, etc., do not use it as an edible breeding institution to apply for the breeding license.