How good are cats at avoiding obstacles, do you think?

Pet knowledge

How good are cats at avoiding obstacles? Cats have strong obstacle avoidance abilities, and they can sense their surroundings by sight, smell and hearing, so as to avoid bumping into obstacles.

The ability of the cat to avoid obstacles is so strong, it is really not practice can practice out, the reason why the cat can show so calm and confident is completely by talent, born.

First of all, cats and other feline animals, their reaction ability is naturally more powerful, more than seven times that of snakes, how many times that of humans, let alone so as not to hurt self-esteem. And not only do they react quickly to static objects, but they also avoid dynamic obstacles so well that obstacles on the ground that don't move are a child's game for them.

In addition to superior reflexes, the cat's special body structure is also one of the advantages. The bone structure of the cat is not the same, the bones of their back spine are more loosely connected, like a spring that can be freely retractable, so they can make a variety of difficult actions, because they are "liquid" to do such a statement, then their body flexibility is naturally not a word, belongs to the master of yoga.

Therefore, the cat's limbs coordination is very good, coupled with a very fast reaction ability, and it is easy to cross obstacles.

Cats can successfully navigate obstacles, but also rely on a very important part of their body, that is, whiskers. Your cat's whiskers aren't just for cuteness. They actually measure distance.

When the cat wants to pass a relatively narrow space, they will first use their whiskers to see if they can pass, plus their body is relatively soft, so they can generally pass the narrow space, even if it seems that it is not possible, do not be confused by them.

We all call the step of the model when the show is called the catwalk, in fact, the real standard catwalk is also very interesting, may not even professional models can walk like a cat.

I don't know if you have seen the video, that is, the cat walks in the snow, but there are only two footprints, but they are clearly "four-legged beasts" ah, in fact, it is because of the cat walk.

The catwalk of the model is actually two feet to the same central axis, such a pace can make the model more elegant. Cats, on the other hand, walk exactly where their back and front feet step, so they only leave two sets of footprints instead of four.

The reason why cats have developed this unique skill is related to their past survival habits in the wild. Cats are very cautious animals, any movement will attract their attention, and they will try to hide themselves, to avoid exposing their tracks and being attacked.

So not only did they learn to bury their scent, but they also learned to walk in a catwalk way to minimize their tracks, and this way of walking can reduce the movement of walking to a greater extent, which is also very helpful for them to hunt.

Said so much, is to show that the obstacle avoidance game is like tailor-made for the cat, see that they not only walk easily and the expression on their face is also very calm. Of course, not all cats can abide by the rules of the game under any circumstances, some cats do not want to play with you or are not in the mood when they will overturn the car, the obstacles on the ground will all be turned over, Xiao Ming, the vet, you want to try their own cat master shovel poop officer can pick a good time to carry out. Friendly tips, also don't use too valuable things as obstacles, otherwise the cost of this game can be high.