How to keep the meteor turtle? Let's learn from them

Pet knowledge

The meteor turtle is a North American turtle between the box turtle and the water turtle, because their abdominal armor also has joints that can be opened and closed, but not as freely as the box turtle. They are gentle, relatively lively and grow up fast. So do you know how to raise the meteor turtle? Let's take a look.

The meteor turtle is protected in most U.S. states, but not yet under federal protection. They are carnivorous turtles, mainly freshwater crayfish abundant in North America to eat, other insects, small fish tadpoles can also prey. Can quickly adapt to artificial environment, but also can accept turtle feed, dried shrimp, mealworms and other food. Strong physique, low rate of illness. Tortoises are mild, relatively lively and grow rapidly. Remarkably, they have a longer neck than the average turtle, eat not by biting, but by absorbing water like a dead leaf or crocodile turtle, and the long neck can increase the speed of feeding.

The feeding environment was the same as that of common turtles. While meteor turtles have a habit of migrating on land, especially during breeding season, they usually forage and move in the water. Because they live in the northern United States, where temperatures are very low, they have a strong tolerance for cold and hibernation. On the contrary, in the south of China, attention should be paid to measures to cool down the heat in summer.