Personal pet experience milk cat constipation can eat probiotics

Pet knowledge

The intestines and intestines of small milk cats are relatively sensitive and weak, and the digestive ability is poor, and it is easy to have the phenomenon of non-defecation, which has a great relationship with improper diet. Cats can feed probiotics if they do not defecate, but some young cats will not defecate themselves after birth, and feeding probiotics is useless. If the cat does not defecate, the owner can take the following measures.

1. The cat with a paper towel to wipe a bottom < / span > < br / > < / p > < p > < span style = "font - size: 1 em;" > Baby cats are not born to defecate themselves, generally within a month of the baby cat will not defecate, are the mother cat with tongue licking the cat's butt to stimulate defecation. If there is no female cat at home, the owner wet warm water with a soft towel, gently wipe the cat's butt, gently clockwise and press, about one minute or so, every half an hour the cat does not defecate and then wipe again, until the cat will defecate on its own.

If the baby cat can defecate on its own, but the cat still does not defecate, you can continue to use this method, will not harm the cat's body.

2. Feeding the cat with probiotics < / span > < br / > < / p > < p > < span style = "font - size: 1 em;" > The cat's stomach is not fully developed, the stomach also lacks many digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria, so the digestive ability is very poor, some eat too much, or feed the food that is not digestible, it is easy to do not defecate. To this end, you can feed your cat some probiotic B type, mix it with food and feed it.

Be careful not to feed probiotics to dogs, because the cat's stomach and the dog's stomach are different, and some probiotics have different effects, and must be selected correctly, such as some for soft stool, diarrhea, vomiting, and some for no defecation, abdominal distension and other problems.

3. Adjust the cat's diet

The baby cat does not defecate has a great relationship with the diet, for example, the milk powder is too strong, and the baby cat is fed cat food, meat and other indigestible food. Cats under three months should eat liquid food or soft food, can not be completely cut off milk powder, if the cat to two months, you can use sheep milk powder to soften the milk cake cat food, to three months and then completely fed hard and dry cat food (baby cat food), if you want to feed canned food, also can only feed canned, do not feed cube meat too early.

If the cat does not defecate when fed milk powder, dilute the milk powder a little more. The young cat should eat a small number of meals, and eat seventy or eight times each time.