Training Shiba Inu is not difficult, just master a few key points

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The Shiba Inu is a Japanese national treasure dog. With its warm smile, lively personality, and easy-to-slap appearance, it has become a very popular dog. pet dog, many people want to keep one. However, shit shovelers need to know that Shiba Inu has a stubborn personality, and if you want it to be obedient, you must go through certain training.

At this time, I believe many people will ask "Is Shiba Inu easy to train?" In fact, it is not difficult to train Shiba Inu, just master a few key points. Come share.

Training Shiba Inu is not difficult, just master a few key points

First, the initial training place should be quiet and comfortable

The initial training place is best in a pure and quiet environment, such as an empty room. There should not be too many items, or other dogs and people in the room, otherwise the dog's attention will not be on the owner! Wait for the Shiba Inu to be able to fully focus on the owner, and then gradually turn to the complex environment.

For example, when training a Shiba Inu to walk on its feet, it is best to only have the dog and the owner at the beginning. In the end, it is not a problem to take it to the night market.

Second, "grasp the current situation"

Shiba Inu must do everything on the premise of "catching the current situation". If it is right, it will be rewarded with its favorite snacks. , This is to allow the dog to connect to what is happening at the moment and make the right changes in the rewards and punishments.

Third, the passwords must be consistent

The passwords for training Shiba Inu must use some simple words. When issuing passwords, they must be clear and neat. Let Shiba Inu not understand.

PS: When issuing the password, the tone should not be too aggressive. If it is too aggressive, it will feel that it is being punished. This will make the Shiba Inu afraid of training, so it must make it feel that training is a happy thing.

Fourth, practice anytime, anywhere

After the Shiba Inu can enter the complex environment, we can train the Shiba Inu in the daily trivial matters, without specifying a time to train every day , For example, when we are eating, walking, etc., we can let the dog know what things it can do and what it cannot do. Live in training and train in life.

Fifth, the training time should not be too long

We spend about 1-2 hours every dayTrain the Shiba Inu so that it can understand what we mean. In addition, the training time should not be too long each time, about 15 minutes. If the Shiba Inu does it, reward it appropriately. With cooperation, it will be easier to train.

PS: Shiba Inu’s daily diet must be kept light, and only by feeding high-quality dog ​​food can the dog be healthy in order to perform better in training!

The above are a few Shiba Inu training points shared by the editor. Do you think it is difficult after reading it?