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Cat Names


Cat Breeds

  • Abyssinian


    With her slender, athletic look and distinctive ticked coat, the Abyssinian is a visually striking, loyal family addition....

  • American Bobtail

    American Bobtail

    American bobtails are known for their wild appearance and short bobbed tails. These cats make loving, loyal, and playful pets. Learn more about owning an American bobtail....

  • American Curl

    American Curl

    The American curl is best known for the ears that give the breed their name. But along with this adorably unique feature, these are friendly, sweet family pets....

  • American Shorthair

    American Shorthair

    The American shorthair cat has a short, dense coat and came to the U.S. aboard the Mayflower. With their affectionate nature, compact build, round faces, and short ears, American s...

  • American Wirehair

    American Wirehair

    American wirehair cats are a playful, affectionate, and independent breed with a coarse, crimped coat. Read more about this friendly companion cat breed....

  • Balinese   Long-Haired Siamese

    Balinese Long-Haired Siamese

    Combining everything people love about the Siamese with a soft coat of luscious, long hair, the Balinese is a luxurious take on an already popular breed....

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Cat Grooming


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Cat Nutrition