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Dog Breeds

  • Texas Heeler

    Texas Heeler

    A medium-sized crossbreed in between the Australian guard and the Australian livestock pet dog, the Texas heeler is a whip-smart, lightning-fast herder with energy to spare....

  • chinese garden dog

    chinese garden dog

    Chinese Garden Dog (Latin scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris), traditionally called "local dog", and also called "Shiba Inu" in some places in the north, is a mammal belon...

  • Affenpinscher


    Affenpinschers are intelligent and playful dogs with unique faces you’re not likely to forget. They love socializing and learning new skills—though sometimes on their own terms....

  • Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound

    Afghan hounds are aristocratic and loving dogs who can run up to 40 mph and require a serious grooming routine. Learn more about caring for an Afghan hound and if she’s the right ...

  • Airedale Terrier

    Airedale Terrier

    Airedale terriers are highly intelligent and energetic dogs who make great family pets. They excel at agility and love to hike. Learn more about living with Airedale terriers....

  • Akita


    Known as a national treasure in Japan, Akitas have wooed American dog-lovers with their loyalty, watchfulness, and graceful strength. Learn more about living with the Akita....

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