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Five tips for grooming your dog at home

Dog Grooming
In order to make the pet dog at home more beautiful, keep up with the trend, to do dog beauty has become more and more owners sought after things, many owners will choose to pet hospital to do dog beauty. In fact, as long as the owner carries out some more careful maintenance of the dog in ordinary life, it can help the dog's health and beauty from the inside out. So what are the key points of grooming a dog? Let's take a look.

1. The dog's ears

Under normal circumstances, the owner only needs to clean the ear canal with a cotton ball. If the owner finds that the dog's ears are inflamed, red and even smelly, it is best to take the dog to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Many dogs have long hair, which will cover up some symptoms, and owners should develop the habit of checking regularly.


2, the dog's eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul, and having a pair of watery eyes is the first appeal of dogs. If the dog's eyes appear red and swollen, excessive secretions, mucus accumulation in the corner of the eye and other problems, the owner should immediately take appropriate measures to solve the problem. For common inflammation symptoms, the owner can dip a cotton ball into water, gently wipe the dog's eyes or corner of the mucus and secretions, confirm the wipe clean and then drop in the eye drops, 1-2 days later, the inflammation can be eliminated.


3. Dog teeth

Just because dogs show eight teeth when they're not smiling doesn't mean they don't have to clean them. If too much food debris accumulates between your dog's teeth, it will cause your dog to have bad breath, and the formation of dental plaque will also lead to tooth decay. Owners can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean their dog's teeth and gums, and floss to remove food debris from between the teeth. Generally speaking, the frequency of dental cleaning is once a week.


4, the dog's butt

Many times, many abnormal behaviors of dogs indicate that there may be something wrong with them. For example, some owners think that it is normal for dogs to grind their butts, but it is not. A big reason why dogs grind their butts is that their anal glands have not been cleaned for a long time and need to be cleaned in time. In addition, if the hair near the dog's butt is stuck with very thin feces, it indicates that the dog may have some problems with digestion recently, which needs the owner's attention.

5. Dog's toenails

Dogs' toenails grow quickly, and if they are not clipped for a period of time, they may hurt their owners and other dogs because of excessive toenails. Usually the owner has to cut the dog's toenails once a month, and it is best to use dog scissors when trimming the toenails, and then file it with a file after cutting. Be careful not to cut the dog's blood vessels, if accidentally cut the blood vessels, to apply the cream in the first time to prevent infection

Finally, give the dog regular inspection, pay attention to the dog's diet, from the inside out of the body health is the best beauty for the dog, understand the above beauty points, I believe you can also make a good beauty for your dog