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Scolding border terriers for eating shit? That is your feeding method is wrong!

Dog Grooming

If one day, your border terrier is eating poop, don't call it "a dog can't change eating poop", because it has such a habit, which is caused by you.

The dog is hungry, and the owner treats him too badly, so he can only "eat to satisfy his hunger". And this kind of situation is more likely to happen to border terriers, because many people think that it is a smaller terrier and should not eat much. In fact, this understanding is quite wrong. Border Terriers are usually busy with work, tireless, consume a lot of energy, and have a particularly high demand for nutrition, so they should not be sloppy with their diet.

How to arrange the diet of the Border Terrier so that it no longer eats shit? Today, the editor will share the feeding methods of the four growth stages of Border Terrier↓↓↓

Calling border terriers

Lactation period

Just like newborn babies, border terrier puppies also need the care of breast milk. It’s just that the puppies can suck milk on their own after they are born. We only need to take good care of the weak ones, and put the weak puppies on the chest of the mother dog to help them suckle. In addition, the bitch only has 8-10 nipples, so the ability to feed the puppies is limited. If there are too many nipples, foster care or artificial feeding should be considered to ensure the healthy growth of the puppies.

Puppy stage

Puppy generally refers to a border terrier born 2 to 3 months old. During this stage, due to weaning and changes in the living environment of puppies, it is easy to cause mental and behavioral uneasiness and loss of appetite. At this time, careful care should be taken. Feed three times a day, and properly supplement calcium powder and vitamins in the food. At the same time, special attention should be paid to prevent a small number of border terrier puppies from overeating. The daily feeding amount should depend on the size of the dog. It should not be overfed. about milliliters of drinking water. In addition, arrange appropriate amount of outdoor exercise every day, and ultraviolet radiation is conducive to the absorption of calcium and the growth and development of bones.


Young dogs generally refer to border terriers aged 3 to 6 months after birth. Young dogs have been able to live independently, and feeding should be done regularly, quantitatively, qualitatively, and at a constant temperature. At this time, the canine teeth of young dogs have grown, and they like to chew, so you can throw some bones to make them chew. And if it is a border terrier breed dog, the nutritional needs are even higher, and it is generally fed again in the middle, and the daily activity of the breed dog must be ensured. It should be active in the large activity field 2 to 3 times a day. About 30 minutes. thisIn this way, the quality of the male dog can be guaranteed, and the physique of the female dog can be enhanced.


When the border terrier is 6 months old, the food intake will gradually stabilize. At this time, pay attention to balanced nutrition, protein, fat, carbohydrates The six major nutrients, vitamins, inorganic substances, and water, are all essential to them.

1. Protein: An important component of blood, muscle, and skin. Every cell and all components of the body have protein. The main sources are meat, eggs, milk, and beans.

2. Fat: the source of body heat, the rest will be stored in the form of subcutaneous fat, which has the function of protecting internal organs and promoting brain nerves. The main sources are animal fat, egg yolk, and peanuts.

3. Carbohydrates: including sugar and fiber, among which sugar is an important source of body heat and can ensure the normal operation of digestive organs. Fiber can regulate intestinal function. The main source is sugar, Cereals, fruits.

4. Vitamins: Contribute to the functions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and act as lubricants in the body. In addition, the dog’s body can automatically synthesize vitamin C, the main source of which is the liver, fruits, and vegetables .

5. Inorganic substances: including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc., which can maintain the normal operation of body functions and play a regulating role. The main sources are water and carbon dioxide.

6. Water: It is the most important element to maintain life. If the dog's body lacks 10%-15% of water, it will be life-threatening. The main source is daily drinking water.

People can depend on food, but dogs lick shit if they can't see it! Don't treat your border terrier badly anymore, arrange a healthy and reasonable diet for it, please take away these feeding methods, thank you!