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Wang Saicong's dog is Alaska or Hashiji

Pet News

Dog king cocoa of Wang Saicong often appears in our popular eye shot, a lot of people plaint the person is inferior to dog series, so what breed is this dog that everybody knows to he is raised?

King cocoa is Alaska or Hashiji

This can'ts help a lot of netizens express doubt, small make up everybody to be solved correctly!

King cocoa is a sterling Alaska sledge dog, because,be very get of our national husband Wang Saicong favorite, no matter be to eat and drink, what still giving is the most expensive. The bag that carries on the back repeatedly wraps be Lv, visible life is how extravagant.

And of king cocoa doing not have meal also is the luxury that comparative, look in light of us below a few pieces of pictures knew.

Look at these delicate meal, whether to let you feel envy?