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Do Siamese cats die easily? it is wrong!

Cat Behavior

More and more people are choosing to keep a cat. Cats can bring a lot of happiness and comfort to people in their daily lives. Among the many cat breeds, Siamese cats are a very controversial breed. Many people like them very much, while many people don’t like Siamese cats and think that Siamese cats are easy to die. Why is this?

Are Siamese cats easy to die? That's wrong!

Not just Siamese cats, but cats of any breed are prone to death if they are not raised properly. . There is no research showing that Siamese cats are more likely to die than other cats. Cat deaths are mostly related to diseases and the care of their owners. Common causes of death of Siamese cats include feline distemper, feline-borne infection and other malignant infectious diseases. Cats kept in high-floor rooms can easily jump off the building because the windows are not closed.

Are Siamese cats easy to die? That's wrong!

Another reason is that Siamese cats are difficult to raise. Because the Siamese cat’s intestines and stomach are very fragile, it takes a lot of time to nurse them back to health. On the other hand, Siamese cats are energetic and curious, so it is difficult to guess what they will do. In addition, they are prone to odor, and their poop is very smelly. Therefore, it is thought that Siamese cats die easily.

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