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Today’s answer to whether newborn kittens will freeze to death

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Will newborn kittens freeze to death? I believe this question is a big problem for cat owners in winter. After all, lack of experience will inevitably lead to tangles. So with this question in mind, let’s take a closer look. Little knowledge about kittens!

Today's answer: Will newborn kittens freeze to death?

It is best to keep newborn kittens indoors in the winter The indoor temperature reaches 20 degrees and cannot be lower than 15 degrees. Once the temperature is too low, it is not good for the kitten. The temperature is too low and may even freeze to death.

Cats are animals without fat tissue, so they are very afraid of cold. Once they catch cold, they will easily get sick and catch a cold.

When a kitten is just born, it is best not to touch it, because once the owner touches the kitten, the mother cat will easily dislike the kitten. In addition, touching the kitten with your hands can easily make it cold. The kittens should be kept close to the mother cat as much as possible, so that they can feed and keep warm easily.

Today's answer: Will newborn kittens freeze to death?

Especially kittens born in winter, they must be in the cat's nest Put blankets inside, and change them frequently. Cardboard or wooden boxes are fine, but they should not be too high to prevent unnecessary risks.

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