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Love it, you need to know more, common diseases of Pug dogs

Pet Health

When it comes to pugs, the first thing I think of is the big folds on the face, paired with the big watery eyes, and then I will show you a magical dynamic expression pack from time to time, which will amuse you lol.

However, such a cute expression emperor needs the careful care of the masters, because of the innate body structure, some inherent "troubles" will haunt them since childhood. Today I will give you some popular science Common diseases of pugs, so that you can take better care of your cuties.

Love it you need to know more, Pug Science popularization of common diseases in dogs

1. Bad breath + teeth Zhou Yan

Don’t look at the pug’s small size, but its bite force is naturally strong, so we need to prepare some props for grinding and cleaning teeth for the little guy, so that It can reduce the occurrence of periodontitis and dental calculus (PS: the things used for grinding teeth must not be too hard, so as not to break the dog's teeth). Secondly, it is necessary to brush teeth regularly to ensure the dog's oral health, so as to alleviate the problem of bad breath.

2. Intervertebral disc herniation

Pugs have a special spine structure, so they are prone to intervertebral disc herniation. Common symptoms include inability to move the head freely, stiff neck, difficulty lying down, inability to jump, and inability to wag the tail. When your master already has this symptom, you must reduce the amount of exercise and add more calcium substances, which can effectively relieve complications.

3. Skin diseases

Pugs have a lot of folds on the big face plate, which is easy to hide dirt, which will lead to skin diseases, serious It can also cause eye problems and foul odor. In the days of high humidity in spring and autumn, it is recommended to play them in a ventilated and dry environment. In the sweaty season of summer, it is best to sweat every dayIn the afternoon, wipe them with a damp towel, especially the dirt in those folds.

Of course, the usual eating habits should also be developed, and those foods with too much oil and salt must be fed less to avoid the aggravation of skin diseases. Pay more attention to the dog's skin every time you take a bath. If the problem is serious, go to the doctor directly, and don't give medicine without authorization.

4. Heatstroke

Because the pug is born with a collapsed nose, it is not very good at regulating its body temperature through breathing, which causes them to They are more afraid of heat, and are more prone to heatstroke than other dogs, so in summer, they must not be placed directly in the car compartment or where the sun can directly shine. (And because of the short nasal cavity, pugs are prone to shortness of breath and hypoxia)

Although pugs are susceptible to the above-mentioned diseases, as long as the owner carefully observes and takes care of them every day, these diseases are all It can be prevented.