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Sensible trader discharges Bian Muming the first, why cannot become however police dog?

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A lot of people have a such doubt: Why obviously Bian Mu is first of platoon of the intelligence quotient in dog dog, however does nobody train it when police dog?

In daily life, as long as a little subtense herd make known to lower levels dictates a few times, it can remember complying with immediately, raise rise a bit not give a lot of care.

Edge herd intelligence quotient is very high it is right, but the problem is, its intelligence quotient is too high! Look look from " La Pengyou " spit groove: , mu Congming overdid by the side of! The member that guide example far from is put in the eye! Training can remember everybody a few times, the person has not begun to hide, it had arrested the person... this is not to do destroy!
Still netizen imitate gave such setting:
Bian Mu: I do not want you to feel, I want me to feel, after all my intelligence quotient the first.

Bian Mu: I just do not do this kind of risky business, I not foolish.

Bian Mu: Your gun can compare me tooth be convenient to use became much, I not foolish.

Still never mention it, the netizen sums up although very do laugh, but if Bian Mu was become police dog, this kind of circumstance can happen likely really still. Return to the subject, bian Mu is trained to be police dog rarely, basically have this a few reason:

Bian Mu too too clever

Had raised Bian Mu's person to know, it besides clever, very tricky still, master need spends a large number of time and its battle of wits to fight brave.

So general authority won't suggest the novice raises Bian Mu, this also is alarm the account that the team does not pick it: Had trained a Bian Mu, other Sichuan millet has taken below 3 De Mu!

Bian Mu is too recreant

Do not see Bian Mu be in the home to dare fight brave with master battle of wits, but outer limit, bian Mu's courage is particularly small actually. Face fiercer than oneself dog, it is second Song simply.

If take Bian Mu to take up the post of Wu, the likelihood encounters risk, it ran first with respect to oneself...

Bian Mu is too corrupt play

Bian Mu is to belong to particularly corrupt one of dog dogs that play, wanting how to go out to abreact only everyday energy, so they like particularly to run, the play that receives frisbee and so on.

But make a police dog different, requirement dog dog must sink so that live to enrage, the likelihood needs to stand sentry very long, but the disposition with Bian Mu, it won't be restrained, did not allow delitescent moment to had exposed his.

Bian Mu's aggressiveness is not tall

Bian Mu also is one of dog dogs that have affinity very much, be about almost and 2 with a ha placed on a par, encounter a criminal to reach consensus very easily, this gives big question!

And with respect to oneself actual strength character, tussle, worry equilateral herd also is inferior to De Mu waiting " wolfhound " kind, look to also do not have the deterrence force of a bit, hellion sees can fear far from!

Bian Mu's personality is too strong

Obedient sex is one of one thumb mark of police dog, but Bian Mu's personality is very strong, do not hear master word easily, when training, knowing is you are training it, still be it is training you!

And if if raise a limit,Mu Shitai bestows favor on it too, so it can cold-shoulder host slowly, can be opposite even master and disloyal heart, it still can feel master intelligence quotient is high without it, slowly disobedient your command.

Bian Mu is done rise too troublesome

Bian Mu is to grow wool dog to plant, if train everyday, have to give its bathing combing every day, sichuan millet people which have so much time to help it do!

On put together, do not choose Bian Mu to do police dog not to give his namely picky, de Mu it is not sweet ~

Did you raise Bian Mu? Those who raised is fast for those who say dog of your home dog is daily, what did not raise is fast for the reason ~ that you did not raise Bian Mu

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