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The person after raising a dog allegedly has these worries

Pet News

Gather excrement officials, the day before you still remember raising a dog? Most at least, person freedom is some, unrestrained, want to go to where going to, want when to come home.

Raised a dog child hind, although beside much a company, but also bring many worries to us indeed.

Also cannot sleep again lie-in

Since after raising a dog, do you still sleep cross lie-in? Far more than is to sleep lie-in, now yuan yuan do not need even alarm clock to decide.

Everyday one big early, dog child can wake me up: "Got up! Walked a dog! Your or else takes me to go out I am about to be troubled by cough up! Your letter does not believe me random in the home make water, the letter does not believe me to pull down the bed to you! The letter does not believe me to pull down the bed to you!!

No matter cold winter intense heat of summer still blows,rain, rise early the thing that walked a dog to be done surely everyday, alas, of bitter life walk a dog person.

Beside much a bug following fart

Return the home before, it is to enjoy individual world alone, think what does, have absolute freedom. Can raise a dog child later, from begin momently then into the door, you do not belong to yourself, you belong to it.

Last toilets, it should follow; Eat a meal, it should sit dribble goes up by the side of you, dog food is in its bowl obviously; The nest watchs TV on sofa, even move gives half seat to let it...

Occasionally, what should you do to be returned so that on the sly is carrying it on the back to work, cannot let it hear any a sign of disturbance or trouble, be in him home obviously, like be being done so that resemble making an enemy however...

Become easier and irratable

After who says to raise a dog can be patience fostered? It is to let a person become more irratable more obviously!

"You are put down to me! " , " come over, move me to beat dead again you! " , " you are in dead dog again what to do! " ...

Which don't have one day, got less " river east lion growl " , the neighbour that I admire me people, can bear unexpectedly I this is big voice, will not look for me to bother.

Become poorer and poorer

Before raising a dog, the money myself that I earn is beautiful, whenever great urge activity is the snacks of store up, dress and shoe. After raising a dog, in shopping car almost by the dog child the thing is occupied full.

Have the express delivery that does not take everyday, do not know think I have many to be full of, myself is only clear, beautiful still the day has much anguish.

These still can bear, look at the table that lacked a character, be bitten to get a remnant the slipper of half, had lost " leather bursa " sofa... calculated, old make do with first with use!

Famouser and famouser in the village

I previously am an everyday office worker in the village only, go on the road to do not have a few individual understanding. Go on the road now, from time to time can neighbour comes over to say hello to.

"Oh, come out to walk a dog again? " , " is dog of your home dog had today good ah? " , " fabaceous beans mom, you come off work come back, where is fabaceous beans? Where is fabaceous beans??

Be I raise dog hind too high-key? Not, the dog that is me child too high-key, I think low-key be no good.

But the word says, although raise the time after the dog everyday " perplex " ceaseless, but the joy that it brings me also is ceaseless!

What has dog of your home dog brought to you " worry " ?