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How to communicate communication with dog dog, read this article together

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How does friendly meeting pull the dog of the very much firm dog that buy a dog quickly to be mixed nearly questioningly the relation of dog dog, actually this actually not difficult, accomplish very easily also. Just need a few patience to accomplish the following respects to be able to know how to communicate communication with dog dog.

1, tell a dog above all, human hand is not " weapon " ! Try to put the hand on the back of dog dog to go up with the head above all. Catch the hair that neck of the dog that knead a dog is in gently with handle gently next, if it is docile accepted, with respect to the stroke with the docile the way corp is growing down hair it, this bit 100 try accurate!

2. The dog can be in sometimes to your accredit casual expression comes out, let you feel its cushion for instance. If he gives you to look, praise that dog please. Ask when you " handclasp " when, you are not willing to extend the hand to your dog. Because you had not affirmed the accredit with you concerns,this is, also not be willing to reveal crucial part to you.

3, hold a dog in arms with two tactics annulus, let its limb loosen. The leg appears piece extend a pine to hang down condition is it is at ease the expression that gives you the body. If contrary, leg curl up has struggling word, feel disturbed to host namely. This also can become a kind of stays in examine to check a stage to go up practice that makes dog dog quiet and docile.

4, knead for dog dog in that way like gentle massage if dog dog did not show an antipathy,hold limb, compliant acceptance, want to reward it immediately. If, dog dog comes over the word of the foot of host of light light bite into, it felt that is to say the position is unidentified disturbed and issued signal.

5. Let a dog lie on one's back loosen. Host sits on the floor, double leg unbend, the buttock the dog puts an inter, make its before lie on one's back. To the doggie, pulling a neck with the hand more appropriate. To big dog, capture the cheek with both hands, the body that invites a dog is stuck on master body, must control a dog to be not moved.

6, can try to let dog dog make " I am sorry " , the attitude that make an apology. Side of dog letting a dog lies lay down, it is head day first left, again interest government right. Be pressed, can express " I am sorry " this kind of obedient manner.

7. Hold the mouth of the dog gently, the left and right sides swings. When quadruped is caught to be in the mouth, its swing is bad, be in only so special in the master eye that be at ease, he just can be at ease such doing.

8, circumgyrate arrives behind dog dog, press dog dog waist gently, ride cross go up in dog dog body. If dog dog stalled the word of the parent's waist and leg, that is not to be in act like a spoiled child, however dog dog feeling is less than him a kind of in the clear position in the home disturbed expression. Want to pull open a dog quickly, the attitude on in order to in order to make clear the position.