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The dog that wool drops wildly in the home child let shovelled excrement official to become a calligrapher unexpectedly!

Pet News

Believe a lot of people have such idea: The child that raise wool is where where really good, drop wool namely! It is really can drop wool too, its wool is everywhere in the home, be all-pervasive.

But also some parents accept this fact already, since cannot be changed, in be inferior to suffering then, make merry. Rainbow raised 3 in home of an official that shovel excrement small lovely, bavin dog Yue Jin is 8 year years old, raise fat fat put oneself in another's position is strongly, still have two cats additionally. Get along between dog of feline cat dog very joyous, without what tussle contradictory, perhaps be the cause that sucks with hue, bavin dog and tangerine cat are close friends particularly.

The official that shovel excrement introduces, tangerine cat loves to hear the flavour on bavin dog body particularly. Look at bavin dog to had not waked up, tangerine cat rancors directly go up after Wen Wen tastes, slept again then steam again becomes aware.

The wool child that raises in the home is much, lovely it is lovely, but the issue that drops wool also is to make a person special catch mad. Then shovel excrement official also is " make merry in suffering " , the hair gather up that drops wool child comes, the shop becomes a calligraphy work: Sign up for a door oneself above all, everybody of bavin dog Yue Xiang the netizen says hello to. I am the dog of a bavin that grows this sample. Suck bavin dog olfactory wildly into in disorder big tangerine. Yes, I am bavin dog this bavin.

My advantage is: I have a lot of hair!

Do not believe yourself to look, this one big group is me completely those who drop oh. And there still is a lot of hair on my body, not bald oh ~ drops wool to change clothes like you actually because of me same, dropped old wool while also grew new hair. Summer when, the Mao Da that I drop was weighed to about 150 grams.

The hair that there also is feline Mi by the side of here, what is you are guessed them? Hey, because I am a boy, so thick good hair is me.
Epidemic situation rebounds now, we should accomplish avoid " 3 close " oh: Concentrated, airtight with intimate contact, be no good completely! Everybody should have been in charge of him, had done keep apart and defend. Final we are met certainly of conquer epidemic situation! Love you oh ~

The wool that how processing dog dog drops are you usually?