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Astonish! ! Does the dog of American president have his secret service?

Pet News

American secret service is offerred for the president " secret protection " the protective range that normally the state leaves them is outspread the directly-related members of one's family -parents to the president, but whether this included their pet.

According to before especially diligent the autobiography of bureau secret service, he is in charge of protecting presidential family, do not have responsibility to any pet. Walk a dog the one part that feeding a cat is not the job. Although secret protection is not to take care of presidential dog and cat, but this does not mean them need not so do.

For example the United States' famousest now dog BO, can be the first dog of American of be worthy of, aobama's love is bestowed favor on. Who can think of Twitter of American the White House 13 years above most suffer American gay the photograph that one pushs Wen Jing is BO of gundog of this one Portuguese water.

Pet comes in and go out in the White House in the dog free, this caused a safe problem, can does somebody use the dog of freedom of this kind of discrepancy to carry out menace to American president?

Accordingly, although protect the responsibility that the dog is not them, but they also will be in charge of to potential safe risk. Terrorist can let explosive of dog get down or catch thing, the freedom that uses a dog endangers presidential security.

After all period of World War II has appeared antitank dog.