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You most what be fed up with others to be done to your dog dog?

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When the dog was not being raised previously, small make up still cannot understand why some people so protecting a dog, must follow oneself very much to dog dog childlike.

After raising a dog now: Can not be myself child! Delicious at ordinary times good those who drink serving, without giving thought to cold winter intense heat of summer, final region goes out stroll is curved, uncomfortable feel distressed, fell ill to be treated, teach it established practice... besides cannot talk, it does not have what distinction with my child.

We are so such of baby small lovely, how can patient people bullies it! Today yuan yuan for say, we are common most what does the thing that is fed up with others to be done to dog dog have.

The dog that scolds me child

Obviously we are normal ground stroll only curved, what fault did not make, some people saw, hear they say: Look quickly, estimation is that only smelly dog, cry every day, disturb us to sleep in the evening bad to become aware.

Hey, occupied you? The dog sits in the home, does disaster come up from the day? You have evidence is me domestic dog chaos cries, enter with respect to such check the number scold it, my this host still is in, still be done not have, adding up to those who listen to scold me namely!

Adult says with the child this dog can bite a person

Still a lot of adult are bringing a child, far see I am pulling a dog to prepare to go, say with oneself child: See not, this dog but fierce, saw it wants to leave far place later, it can bite a person, must not feel in the past!

Get! You but ten million values child of your wife and children, do not let it come over to feel my home dog child, my home dog child feel bad bad.

Old far see dog dog screams

Some people are afraid of a dog, I can understand, walk a dog usually so I can pull good string, and let dog dog sticking brushwood there go, my person is being blocked on the edge.

But some people are very exaggerative, 10 meters of above see my home dog child, can scream next since place blast: "Ah! Have a dog! Do not come over! " never mention it she by the dog child be frightened, I and dog child was frightened by her, go quickly fast, we are bit further from her.

Walk a dog not to pull a string

Although a lot of cities set now,walk a dog should pull a string, still entered a law even, but it is some people not! Pull! Rope! Originally we are pulling cord stroll to get well, develop a dog suddenly child, to me the home barks in disorder suddenly, host returns a bit to did not want the meaning of call away on the edge, still laughing to say even: Do not have a thing to do not have a thing, it is making play, it is not fierce.

Be, it is not fierce, are we fierce? This provokes you undisguisedly to feel is to playing, in case my home dog child do not have control to live to clear away it, who calculate?

Pull defecate not to clear

Why be always somebody cannot bear the sight of us to raise a dog to walk a dog, because yuan yuan it is to be in a village to had seen really too much the defecate of second dog dog! It is stroll is over completely the host after the dog does not clear stay.

Alas, host does not clear, dog child will carry boiler on the back. Civilization raises a dog, it is so difficult to have?

You most what is the thing that is fed up with others to be done to your dog dog?

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