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Dogs don’t sleep in kennels, how to improve them in a targeted manner?

Pet Knowledge

Not as the saying goes"A golden nest and a silver nest are not as good as your own doghouse"?

But many dog ​​owners will find that they buy litter boxes for dogs. Neither of them likes to sleep, but prefers to sleep on the bed, floor or sofa.

So how can we develop the good habit of sleeping in the doghouse?

Let’s analyze the reasons why dogs don’t sleep in kennels and the corresponding countermeasures, so that dogs can Fall in love with sleeping doghouses.

Dogs don't sleep in kennels, how can we improve them in a targeted manner?

1. Use the kennel as a dog cage

Many people like to teach dogs not to run around and just tell them to go back to the kennel. But such a kennel is like a cage to them.

Because the kennel restricts its movements, the dog does not like to stay in the kennel over time. because that place makes it feel stressful.

Countermeasures: Pay attention to the special distinction between kennels and dog cages , the kennel is a safe place for sleeping A place, and a dog crate is a place of confinement without freedom.

When you want to stop your dog from causing trouble, you can choose to call it back. Cage instead of kennel, and put him in the kennel instead of the kennel when sleeping.

Dogs don't sleep in kennels, how can we improve them in a targeted manner?

2. The kennel does not smell like an owner

Compared to the smell of the owner of the sofa and bed, the smell of the dog house is relatively unfamiliar.

The nature of dogs to rely on people makes them feel that they can only feel safe when they are in a place with their owners. Peace of mind, and the unfamiliar smell of the kennel will make them dislike it.

Countermeasure: You can choose to put some owner’s clothes in a clean kennel to let the dog Dogs can smell their owners even when they are in the kennel.

3. The kennel is too hot or too cold

< p>In the summer, because some kennels are still made of cotton, dogs would rather sleep on the floor to dissipate heat than return to the dog house. nest.

And in winter, the owner's quilt is definitely warmer than a kennel with ventilation from all sides.

Countermeasures: You can choose to place the kennel in a ventilated and cool place in the summer, as appropriate Laying down an ice pad or mat can help your dog dissipate heat.

Choose a fenced kennel or warm the kennel in winter to keep it warm. Cover the dog with a quilt to help the dog keep warm.

For some dogs with poor physical fitness, sleeping on the floor can easily cause them to For colds, we need to pay attention to the nutritional supplement of dogs in daily life, and choose a high-quality and nutritious dog food to enhance the body’s resistance.

Dogs don't sleep in kennels, how can we improve them in a targeted manner?

4. The kennel is uncomfortable< /p>

The dog house is just like a human bed and requires certain comfort requirements.

If the dog is too hard or too soft, it will make the dog feel uncomfortable. Don't like being in it.

In addition, if you often beat and scold the dog in the kennel, it will also make the dog feel This is an uncomfortable place to be.

Countermeasures: When buying a kennel for your dog, you should pay attention to choosing a kennel with good material, moderate softness and hardness, and is suitable for dogs.

And don’t choose to beat or scold it when it is in the kennel. Instead, you can let it run into the kennel. Stop beating and scolding, this will make it feel comfortable and safe sleeping in it.