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How to easily groom a Persian cat?

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Daily care for the fur of pet cats can not only remove dirt, lice, and prevent hair balls, but combing and brushing can also help blood circulation and promote skin metabolism. Owners can also check their physical condition by petting their cats regularly. The most important thing is that this is the time for the owner and the cat to communicate. The cat's spirit will calm down under the caress and whispers of its owner. Because Persian cats often have tear stains on their faces, they will feel dirty if they are not wiped for a day, so Persian cats need to be groomed frequently. So how to do simple grooming for Persian cats?

The methods for grooming Persian cats are as follows:

1 bottle of normal saline, 1 medical hemostat (small cotton swabs with bamboo poles are not easy to use), some small cotton balls and some paper towels. First use a clean small measuring cup, and use a syringe to add the normal saline Take it out, soak it with a cotton ball (wipe it once and soak it once to reduce the growth of bacteria), then use a hemostatic forceps to clamp the cotton ball, hold the cat well, and then wipe away the tear stains around the cat's eyes. The tear stains will dissolve as soon as they hit the saline solution, and then be gently wiped dry with a tissue. However, it should be noted that it is best to use a cotton ball with only one eye. Prevent any bacteria from the other eye and cross-infection. Wiping it 3-5 times a day can basically keep the Persian cat's tear stains clean. There is an oral medicine on the market now, which seems to reduce the secretion of tears. According to analysis, they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, but I still hope to use local methods, which are safe and hygienic.

How to simply groom a Persian cat?

Cleaning the ears is also very important. When there are more tears than usual, you should turn down the cat's ears. Check to see if the ears are clean. Normal ears are protected by a layer of transparent ear oil. If the ears are very dirty, you need to clean the cat’s ears. Generally, I clean the cat’s ears about once every 10 days. , use a small cotton swab to clean the ear canal, and then apply a little imported ear protection water to prevent the growth of bacteria. If there are ear mites inside, don’t panic. Don’t just buy those junk ear oils sold outside. It’s a waste of money and the cat will still have to work hard. You can go to the drugstore to buy something called boric acid powder and use it after cleaning the sick cat. After the ears, sprinkle a little bit of boric acid powder into its ears. (Boric acid powder is sterilizing, but it is poisonous. Friends should be careful not to let the cat lick it when using it.) Then let the cat jump. Just distribute the boric acid powder in the ears evenly. After 3-4 times in a row, the cat's ear mites will basically disappear.It will be cleaned up. As long as you clean the cat's ears regularly in the future, there will be no problem.

Persian cats are long-haired cats, so hair management is more troublesome than other cats. Brushing them once a day can effectively prevent cat hair from getting tangled. (You can choose straight combing.) Some friends’ cats always shed hair. In fact, there are many reasons, such as the food they feed and the quality of the shower gel used to bathe the cat. They all have a lot to do with it. Cat lovers often use human-made hair. Bathing cats with shampoo ~ In fact, this is a very undesirable approach. The acidity of bath products for humans is different from the bath products for cats. If you use bath products that are not suitable for cats, it will also cause A lot of hair loss ~ Therefore, it is recommended that cat friends try to choose a shower gel suitable for their cats according to the type of cat and their own financial ability. When the hair is knotted, don't cut it directly from the root. You can use scissors to cut a few hair balls, and then use a steel comb to slowly untie and comb it well. This will not cause baldness in the knotted area. of. There are many types of shower gels for cats, with many functions, such as special softness, fluffiness, bleaching, grease removal, etc. The effect of each brand is also different for the price.

How to simply groom a Persian cat?

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