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Will the dog forget his poop scooper? How to make it an eternity in their memory

Pet Knowledge

Many dog ​​owners keep dogs because they are loyal, but cats are slightly inferior in this regard. As for those pet-themed movies, most of them feature dogs as the protagonists, and the highlighted theme is also the dogs' sincere feelings for their owners.

In fact, the science content I want to share with you today is about dogs’ memories of their owners, because some shit-sweepers have asked before, how long does it take for a dog to forget its owner? What can be done to make it an eternal memory in their memory?

Will dogs forget their poop scrapers? What can be done to become eternity in their memories

Many movies promote The theme of the movie is all about Wang's unforgettable feelings for his master. Some people may say that the movie is deliberately sensational. In fact, I want to say that art comes from life. Many movies are adapted from real stories, such as "Hachi the Dog" 》.

I have seen many stories about dogs. Some dogs were abandoned by their owners and still waited for several years; some dogs lay in front of their owners’ tombstones for a long time after their owners passed away, unwilling to leave. Every vivid example contains the feelings of dogs, and they are willing to spend their entire lives guarding the poop shoveler.

Those scavengers who are full of love for dogs will remember them throughout their lives, while those who are irresponsible may forget them when their dogs change their owners. This is all excusable.

In fact, I feel that in most cases, dogs will not forget their owners, which means that their memories of their owners will last a lifetime, but there are exceptions in some cases, such as Alzheimer's disease.

Will dogs forget their poop shoveler? What can be done to become an eternity in their memory

Alzheimer's disease is hard to choose

Just like humans, they will suffer from Alzheimer's disease at a certain age. Dogs will also suffer from Alzheimer's disease. They can't make the decision. Even if they don't want to forget their master, they can escape. No.

Alzheimer's disease is a disease that elderly dogs will suffer from. This is caused by the deterioration of their body functions. Some data show that when a dog reaches the age of 11, the risk of suffering from Alzheimer's disease is The probability is very high, evenReaching 28%, disease forces them to forget their owners.

At this time, dogs will not only forget their owners, they may even forget their own names, the way home, and may even forget their favorite food, and they may even forget their owners everywhere. Urination and defecation.

At this time, I hope the owner can give them more tolerance, because the last thing they want to forget is the owner, and this may be the most painful thing for them.