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How to determine whether dog food is suitable for dogs? Come and have a look

Pet Knowledge

When most dog owners choose dog food for their dogs, they hope to provide the best food for their dogs as their financial conditions allow. Dog food is the most basic product for dogs, which is related to their health. Now there are various brands of dog food on the market. The most discussed thing among owners is what dogs should eat, which shows the importance of dog food. The more expensive the dog food, the better, but it depends on whether it is suitable for the dog. In addition to providing food to the dog, the owner should also pay attention to whether the dog is uncomfortable after eating. If the following five symptoms appear, it is You should consider changing food for it.

Judge whether dog food is suitable for dogs? Come and take a look

This is the most direct way to judge whether dog food is suitable for dogs. , the dog feels that it cannot adapt to dog food, and its body will react. If your dog has chronic vomiting and diarrhea, it means there is something wrong with his diet. Owners may find that their dog's feces are often unformed, or they spit out food that has not been fully digested, which proves that the dog's food is not well digested and absorbed by the dog's body. Long-term indigestion in dogs will affect their bodies, leading to loss of appetite and malnutrition. The dog may also engage in grass-eating behavior. This is because it has indigestion and wants to vomit out the food in its belly. Therefore, if the above situation occurs, the owner should consider changing the dog's dog food.

The most common reaction to allergies is redness and itching of the skin. Dogs will keep licking their fur to relieve the itching. Every dog ​​has different allergens. Some are allergic to soy, corn, and wheat in their food, while others are allergic to common meats such as beef and lamb. If the owner rules out skin disease causing the dog's itching, he or she should consider whether food is the cause. You can take it to the hospital to check for allergens, and then you can avoid allergens in advance when feeding.

To determine whether dog food is suitable for dogs? Come and take a look

A healthy dog ​​will maintain its weight in adulthood. At a relatively stable level, if its weight becomes overweight or underweight in a short period of time, it means it is unhealthy. Some owners may find that after changing their dog's food to a different kind of food, its weight soars very quickly. At this time, it is necessary toIt’s time to change your dog’s food, because being overweight can cause many diseases in your dog, such as diabetes and pancreatitis. If your dog loses a lot of weight after eating dog food for a period of time, this may be because the dog food is not nutritious enough and cannot provide enough energy to the dog, and it needs to be replaced in time.

To determine whether dog food is suitable for dogs? Come and take a look

If dog food cannot provide enough nutrition to dogs, the dog The dog will become listless and lethargic due to lack of energy, which will seriously affect its mental state. It is best for the owner to try changing the dog's food to see if the situation is improved. If the problem persists after changing the food, you should take it to the doctor.

If the dog does not eat well and has insufficient nutrition, it will also be reflected in its hair. A healthy dog's hair looks shiny and feels smooth, while a malnourished dog's hair is dry and frizzy, like a layer of straw hanging down on the body.

It is very important for dogs to eat well. Only when they have a good appetite can they be in good health. If they have to eat food that makes their body uncomfortable every day, the dog will also be very sad. Owners can pay more attention to their dog's eating status every day, and if they find any problems, they should solve them as soon as possible. Has your dog ever felt unwell due to issues with dog food?