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Why does a kitten have blood in its stool?

Pet Knowledge
This article is provided by Veterinarian Dr. William Taylor
Blood in a kitten's stool may be caused by parasites, feline distemper, or foreign objects scratching the intestines. First of all, when kittens are infected with internal parasites, they will have symptoms such as blood in the stool, diarrhea, and vomiting, and they need to be dewormed in time. Secondly, if the kitten has not been fully vaccinated and there is blood in the stool, it is likely to be infected with feline distemper virus. It is recommended to send the kitten to the doctor in time for infectious disease screening. Finally, when a cat accidentally eats a foreign object, hematochezia will also appear. It is recommended to take it to the pet hospital in time to take a X-ray to check the location of the foreign object, and then use an appropriate method to remove it after determining the location.

1. Parasites

If a cat has not been dewormed for a long time and is infected with parasites such as coccidia, trichomonas, and roundworms, it is easy to have blood in the stool, and sometimes it will Adult worms appear. In this regard, it is recommended that the owner take the cat to the pet hospital for a fecal examination, and then use anthelmintic drugs accordingly after confirming the type of parasite. You should also pay attention to deworming your cat regularly. It is generally recommended to conduct internal deworming every three months and external deworming once every month.

2. Feline distemper

Because kittens are relatively young and have not been fully vaccinated, they are easily infected with feline distemper virus, causing blood in their stools, and may also be accompanied by listlessness. , elevated body temperature, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. At this time, it is recommended that the owner take the cat to the pet hospital to check for infectious diseases in time, and promptly treat the cat after diagnosis.

3. Foreign objects scratch the intestines

If the cat accidentally eats sharp foreign objects such as chicken bones, fish bones, needles, etc., the foreign objects scratch the intestines, which will cause the cat to have diarrhea. Blood. At this time, the owner needs to immediately take the cat to a nearby pet hospital to check and take X-rays to determine the location of the foreign body and the damage to the digestive tract, and then remove the foreign body. If necessary, surgical treatment is required. At the same time, please note that when raising cats, do not feed them sharp objects such as chicken bones, fish bones, duck bones, etc., to avoid scratching or blocking the digestive tract.