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How about long-term foster care for pets?

Pet Question

Long-term pet boarding is an option for some owners who are unable to care for their pets at home. Before long-term foster care, it is recommended to consult a professional pet store or service platform for relevant details, fees and other issues.

How about long-term foster care for pets

Before moving in, the owner is required to provide documents such as the dog's immunity certificate and health certificate, and undergo a physical examination and evaluation. During the stay, the store will provide corresponding food, accommodation, care and management for the dogs to ensure their health and happiness. The length of long-term foster care can be determined based on the owner's needs and the pet's condition. During the long-term fostering period, it is recommended to communicate and pay attention to the pet's condition regularly, and also to understand the service quality and reputation of the store to ensure that the pet can receive better care and protection.