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What should I do if I do that with my pet?

Pet Question

It is recommended that you go to a hospital or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a blood test to check for eight infectious diseases to see if you are infected with an infectious disease. In the future, you should not engage in such high-risk behavior.

What to do if you do that with your pet

In fact, something happened to your dog that shouldn't have happened. If your dog has never had sex with anyone else before, , nothing will happen to you. Dogs are more hygienic and cleaner than humans, so there is no need to take any safety measures. However, the legal basis is Article 1245 of the Civil Code [General Provisions on Liability for Damage Caused by Raising Animals] If the raised animals cause damage to others, the animal keeper or manager shall bear tort liability, and it can be proven that the damage is If the infringement is caused intentionally or due to gross negligence, the liability may be waived or reduced.