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Identification of rice pork and fat particles

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Rice pork and fat particles are two different substances. The main difference between them is that rice pork is not bright in color and usually appears in the shape of rice grains and pomegranate seeds. Hydatid cysts can be seen by cutting every 1 cm; Fat particles generally grow in the epidermis and oil layer and can be squeezed out. They look like slightly bulging skin and will not appear in the lean layer. Rice pork is pork infected with parasites and should not be eaten.

rice pork Identification from fat particles

Fat particles are a normal phenomenon. They are fat particles grown in the pig's body and are not a serious problem. Fat particles are caused by feeding too much feed and artificially accelerating the growth process of pigs in the process of raising pigs; rice pork is diseased pork containing the parasite solium tapeworm cysticercosis. In short, there are obvious differences between rice pork and fat particles in appearance, composition and causes.

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