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How to sterilize dog food

Pet Question

Dog food refers to food specially prepared for dogs. It can be dry, wet or homemade. Dog food needs to be nutritious and hygienic at the same time. If you want to make your own dog food at home, it is recommended that you develop a menu based on your dog’s nutritional needs and health status, and follow the following basic principles: Choose fresh, healthy ingredients: This can ensure the quality and nutritional value of your dog’s food. Wash the ingredients strictly: Wash the ingredients with clean water to avoid contamination. Keep the heat high when cooking: Cook ingredients to a high enough temperature to kill most bacteria.

How to sterilize dog food Sterilization

Refrigerate or freeze storage: Homemade dog food can be refrigerated or frozen, but be careful not to exceed two days. If you use dry or wet dog food, you don’t need to worry about sterilization because these dog foods have been strictly disinfected and sterilized. In short, in order to ensure the hygiene of dog food, it is best to use professionally produced dog food and ensure correct storage and storage methods. If you decide to make your own dog food, you should pay attention to the above basic principles to ensure that your dog eats safe and hygienic food.