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Is the test paper accurate?

Pet Question

Generally speaking, the test strips used by regular pet hospitals are relatively accurate, with an accuracy rate of more than 90%. For test strips, dog feces is mainly used as a sample to check whether it contains parvovirus antigen. Try not to buy test strips online, because hospitals must first ensure the accuracy of the test before they dare to buy various test strips in large quantities. Parvo test strips are a tool for testing puppies for parvovirus, although parvo test strips are less accurate for routine blood tests. However, this kind of test strip test is low-cost and has a high safety factor for routine blood tests, so it is still used by the general public.

Is the detection of small test strips accurate?

The fine test paper is relatively accurate. Typically, canine distemper-eye secretions, nasal fluid, whole blood, serum, or plasma are sampled. The detection method mainly requires the reaction plate to be placed in a humid environment, which may cause the concentration and stability of the antibody to decrease. Therefore, it should be opened and the appropriate amount extracted before use. Then use a sampling rod to fully collect and prepare the test materials, and put them into a test tube containing buffer to dissolve them appropriately. Open the drip port cover and add 3-4 drops to the detection material on the reaction plate. After the detection material is dropped, wait for the detection material to be completely diffused, and then make a judgment within 5-10 minutes.