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What does a cattery mainly do?

Pet Question

A cattery is mainly a place for cats to live, rest and play, similar to a pet hotel or kindergarten. Catteries are usually run and managed by professionals or experienced volunteers who provide a range of services to ensure cats live a healthy and happy life.

The following are the main services provided by the cattery:

Provide a safe and hygienic accommodation environment: the cattery will provide disinfected and clean rooms, bedrooms or cages to ensure the accommodation of cats safety and hygiene during this period.

What does the cattery mainly do

Provide appropriate diet and feeding: Catteries usually provide cats with appropriate diet and water, based on the cat's health and personal needs. Feed.

Provide socialization, play, and exercise: Catteries often provide cats with ample areas to explore, play, and exercise, as well as a variety of cat toys and socialization opportunities to keep them Cat’s physical and mental health.

Provide medical services: If necessary, the cattery will provide medical services for cats, including routine examinations, treatment and emergency treatment.

In general, a cattery is a place that provides safety, comfort, and care for cats. If you need to leave your home or have no time to care for your pet cat, you may consider choosing a cattery to provide care for your cats to ensure that they receive adequate attention and care.