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How to pick an outstanding Ling Ti dog, remember this well please at 6 o'clock

Pet Knowledge

Ling Ti dogGet by right of the its elegant body speed with delicacy of people love, it is especially in the match of a lot of dog race, often can appear their form. Now nowadays, the family that wants to raise dog of this kind of dog is increasing, below small make up took everybody to come along how does unship pick an outstanding Ling Ti dog, the hope can help great master.

1, had chosen purchase channel

Want to buy an outstanding Ling Ti dog, it is very important to purchase channel, if be in dog city or dog dealer place to buy, buy the dog that has unmentionable disease very likely, if everybody is conditional, still had better be abandoned in the dog or pet shop is bought, the dog dog here is general health has safeguard.

2, the age is more than 3 months

Resistance of too little body of Ling Ti dog will be weaker, and immune needle also often was not hit complete, was thought to prevent this kind of situation, the way that has safeguard more buys the young dog of 3 months above namely.

3, the society discerns true and false

Do not want to buy string together string of false perhaps dog, can understand the feature of a few appearance of next Ling Ti dogs beforehand: Long and narrow head; The have a common boundary between forehead and kiss is not apparent (namely in fokelore clipper-built) ; Small and what fold downward is auditive; Vaulted waist; The tail is long, taper off; Bosom is deep / thick; The foot of hare appearance is waited a moment.

4, the disposition with right choice

Generally speaking, clever and obedient dog dog more the welcome of acceptor acceptor person, of course itself of Ling Ti dog is very clever genial, understanding, but the disposition that does not eliminate to have dog of a few dogs will be worse, the disposition that a few little tests will come to judge dog dog can be passed when so everybody chooses; When the novice is raised must resist strength, after all dog dog just began and very won't good.

5, the mental condition that observes dog dog

The dog often is opposite healthy Ling Ti outside thing is very curious but fear a bit again, the metropolis is frisky nevertheless, ear hears a bit sound, meet forward audio direction is rotational, show very argute pattern. And an insalubrious meeting occurrence response is slow, do not be willing to respond the state such as the person.

6, examine certificate all ready

The certificate of Ling Ti dog can be divided for blooded dog certificate and studbook two kinds. Blooded dog certificate basically is to prove this dog is blooded dog, nevertheless popular now DNA detects, so its contain Troy also is not very tall; And of studbook contain Troy to want a lot of taller, this kind of certificate can be the dog that CKU registered abandons ability to be able to apply for to deal with only, account of the meeting on certificate takes the place of thirdly the news state of affairs inside, generally speaking, the Ling Ti dog that has 3 acting studbook is a dog or champion dog offspring.

The content above the hope can help everybody pick a satisfactory dog, the most important of course or oneself like.