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How to train Pomeranian dogs not to urinate everywhere

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To prevent a Pomeranian from peeing everywhere, basic docility training and toilet training are required. Basic docility training: Pomeranian dogs need to learn basic commands, such as "sit", "down" and "no", so that they can understand your intentions. Toilet training: Choose a specific place as your Pomeranian's toilet and let it relieve itself there. Reward him after he defecates so that he knows this is the correct behavior.

How to train Pomeranian dogs not to urinate anywhere

Regular cleaning: Keep the Pomeranian's surrounding environment clean and clean up feces and urine regularly. Observe and record: Observe the behavior of Pomeranians and record the time and place of their defecation and defecation to better understand their habits. Persistence: Training takes time and patience, don’t give up and keep practicing every day.

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