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Is the preference faithful and reliable large dog? German mastiff chooses strategy stand sth on end here

Pet Knowledge

The person that raises a dog in last few years is increasing, still derived on the network " Lu dog " , " the official that shovel excrement " wait for a series of special heat words. Dog dog is faithful lovely, can interact together with the official that shovel excrement amuse oneself, exercise, cured the heart of patient of loneliness of a lot of city, it is the pet with necessary life simply. But the common dog in real life, outside notting have Ma Ye of wool of Tai Di, gold, Hashiji, Sa these a few kinds, small today make up should introduce a kind to everybody not common, lofty power fierce, the dog dog that makes a person special have safe feeling -- German mastiff!

German mastiff is the formal name that this dog plants, its another name -- big red dog, more by people hep. German mastiff is having " in large dog gigantic without bully " say, once was the bodyguard dog of Persia businessman, because blood relationship is sterling, domesticate easily, suffer quite at that time of German noble love, what had mastiff of a Germany to become the identity even is indicative. So, this kind of not common dog is planted how should we choose, small today make up show for everybody on choose whole strategy.

1, see type of build or figure

As a kind of large dog, it is martial and magnificent that German mastiff gives a person the most intuitionistic feeling, can be imagined so, bodily form size, muscle is plump degree is to examine certainly one of its whether acceptable important levels. Grown German mastiff carries Gao Ke on the back in order to achieve 90 centimeters of above, male should grow more loftily than female power fierce, can grow 110 centimeters of above. Detailed for, the body exterior that this dog plants asks even if back is strong, bosom is thick, the waist summary circle, spirit division straight, hind legs grows smooth, limb and strong, the foot points to grasp and apophysis, show dark scene. Those look to need to shovel excrement official to protect caressed emaciated Germany mastiff flat be not chosen.

2, see nose

Can begin felt the nose of dog dog, according with German mastiff bazoo of the standard to carry should be hair is cool wet, without purulent sex secretion.

3, treat oral cavity

A person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of healthy German mastiff oral cavity should be clean and wet, mucous membrane is shown pink, without coating on the tongue, without halitosis, at the same time appearance does not have dermatosis. This are very important, the friends that want to buy German mastiff must the key is advertent.

4, see an eye

The eye size of German mastiff medium, color is darker, eye conjunctiva is shown pink, without any secretion, at the same time the eye should not weep brightly, without traumatic or scar.

5, look by wool

At present color of commonner German mastiff hair basically has golden color, white, gray, black design and color these 4 kinds, must choose those to be compared by wool short and of rich burnish, feel should have flowing feeling, such by Mao Cai be qualification by wool.

6, see disposition

Everybody is heard " mastiff " the bandog figure that can associate possibly to feral, bark furiously, actually although be called mastiff dog, but German mastiff is very friendly however, both neither is bellicose also do not bark in disorder, and very brave and docile, like to be close to a person, it is special faithfulness more to host especially. The domestic preference that has a child more very much raises German mastiff, because their temperament is good, reaction delicacy, alertness is very tall, protect a definite view knowledge is intense, can rise to protect the child's action. Although the disposition feature of German mastiff is docile and friendly, but still must observe carefully in choosing a course, choose disposition to be stabilized blandly as far as possible, after all the disposition of dog dog also is not complete exactly like.

Believe everybody looked small the strategy that make up is certain and enchanted! Want to let a person be full of the big dog of safe feeling only, then you can miss handsome and high, hefty Germany mastiff with respect to scarcely!