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Raise Ma Shi to raise husband dog for the first time, can consult these pick skill

Pet Knowledge

Mastiff dog is planted in all dogs in it is bully gas all the time, power the pronoun of fierce, Biao Han, in human history inchoate the figure that already had them, often be used as to defend dog, battle dog, fight a dog. Of all ages, this giant familial was born a lot of powerful breed, Ma Shi raises husband dogNamely among them one of.

The dog produces Mashidifu formerly from England, so it is called again British mastiff dog. Because of the appearance of bully gas and strong and vigorous body appearance, now nowadays, already more and more families are in raise it. If, you also are interested in this dog, plan to take it to come home, can look below share a few pick skill.

1. bodily form

Normal: Male lowest shoulder height is 76cm, female minimum shoulder height is 70cm, weight all is make an appointment with 80-86 kilogram;

Blemish: Shoulder height under lowermost numerical value, the likelihood can be put in blemish; If the difference is too big, attribute serious flaw.

2. scale

Normal: Whole is rectangle, body length appreciably is more than shoulder height, among them the length of body should grow than the leg; Generally speaking body is deeper, wider, better on behalf of breed;

Blemish: Body scale is poor, body resembles piece thick board same.

3. head

Normal: The head looks very big and tall, the head is wider, between two ear small smooth, forehead is bent slightly, when looking attentively at, cerebral door can emerge a furrow, eyebrow bone is measurable and raised;

Blemish: The head is narrower, the muscle of frontal eminence is not quite clear, and fore-and-aft furrow is not had among forehead.

4. eye

Normal: Two positions are trenchant, be apart from among relatively, color is brown arrive greatly invisible eye film, the eyes is vigilant but gentle;

Blemish: The eye is light color, or contain invasive eyes.

5. nose

Normal: Nose needle is wide, color is deep black, and jump over black better;

Blemish: Nostril outline is highlighted or break up up.

6. snout

Normal: Muzzle is short, wide, color is deep, and jump over black better, length is the half of the head, sufficient and flagging;

Blemish: Resemble the snout of hunt sandpiper dog.

7. tooth

Normal: Cut account occlusive, and the tooth is strong, those who be apart from cent is wider, moderate undershot pattern is occlusive be not regarded as defect;

Blemish: When the lip closes, can see a tooth.

8. limb

Normal: Forelimb is straight, strong, hind legs observes from the back, each other are parallel, toenail is beautiful with black;

Blemish: Forelimb or hind legs distance share closer.

9. tail

Normal: When resting, flagging tail can be outspread to flying section or smaller position, end root section is broader, but extreme is taper;

Blemish: When motion, the turn on the tail exceeds the back after passing.

10. wraps around wool

Normal: Outer wrap around hair is thick hard and straight, length is small short, bottom Mao Nong makes the same score close-fitting body closely;

Blemish: Be grown of the hind leg by Maotai, perhaps carry wool on the back to grow too submit wave form.

11. color

Normal: The color of camel's hair, apricot, fleck of be patient of;

Blemish: Striped color is not the color of camel's hair or apricot.

12. disposition

Normal: Brave and docile, and vigor is abundant, rich feeling;

Blemish: Shy or atrocious.

A few proposal that above offers, reference can serve as when the choose and buy, hope everybody can pick satisfactory dog.