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The feed skill of Pharaoh gundog, the officials that shovel excrement come quickly Get!

Pet Knowledge

Pharaoh gundog, the love that once was Gu Ai and Pharaoh is bestowed favor on, the Gu Ai before chiliad and mural and pictographic in the form that can find it, blood relationship nobility. Going up century seventies, its still are sealed to be a country by Malta government animal, issued even imprint the commemorative money that has its image ~

As the development of the times, people living standard rises ceaselessly, pharaoh gundog also walked into an innumberable families slowly, dog of pet be regardinged as is raised. What nevertheless each official that shovel excrement needs to notice is, pharaoh gundog itself is a kind of gundog, in feed it when, cannot be raised according to general pet dog, otherwise its are healthy growing meeting is affected badly. Below small write the feed skill that will share Pharaoh gundog, come quickly Get!

One, make sure Pharaoh gundog nutrition is rich

Food should include substantial nutrient part, assure Pharaoh enough energy can be gotten from which while gundog is satiate. Especially year young Pharaoh gundog, its growing speed is grown Pharaoh gundog 3, fourfold speed, this phase their skeletal growth is very rapid, can see inside a year grow apparently, be in when them big in May when the height that has reached in part of grown dog dog, they are very so tall to nutrient demand.

PS: Pharaoh gundog is in young dog phase, the need on food is accomplished eat much food less, feed everyday feed 3 times, give priority to with food of high grade dog, add a few calcium again additionally pink, egg, mineral etc, specific and OK the proposal of referenced doctor, reasonable and tie-in.

2, Pharaoh gundog food wants diversification

The intestines and stomach of Pharaoh gundog is weaker, personage of a few dogginess likes to give them edible as staple food with carnivorous, but can let dog dog appear only so hidebound, because these flesh pledged protein is contained a lot ofto wait only in food, and the deficient of the nutrient material such as vitamin, calcium, this causes force of dog dog immunity easily to drop, digest not easily especially, dog dog absorbs the nutrition in food very hard. So need achieves dietary sort rich, diversification, in order to achieve nutrition balanced.

3, of fixed Pharaoh gundog hello eat time

As the mankind same, if the 3 meal of Pharaoh gundog are fed,always be not the rule, also can appear gastric ministry owes beautiful circularly, the symptom such as indigestion, feed the time that eats Pharaoh gundog to should be secured everyday so, such doing is to let the dietary convention with dog dog good nurturance as far as possible, and also be large good part to the intestines and stomach of dog dog.

4, supply the moisture with Pharaoh enough gundog

Besides fundamental food, moisture also is indispensable. Pharaoh gundog and mankind are same, need to absorb many moisture everyday, such ability assure the normal movement of airframe quite, can cause constipation of suffer from excessive internal heat to wait a phenomenon a moment otherwise. Of course, to ensure clean wholesome, do not feed tap water, because many bleaching powder was added among tap water, cause easily to dog dog intestines and stomach unwell, clean water, mineral water is right choice.

PS: If feel cost is exorbitant, can air of tap water boil cool. In addition, should drink the water of different temperature according to the change of air temperature, if the word in the winter, can appropriately water temperature rise a bit taller, such ability won't cause stimulation to intestines and stomach; As to summer, feed to it it is OK to feed normal temperature water, but must not act on one's own feed the water that feed ice to it, because no matter the temperature of the outside has many tall, it drinks the word that puts water on the ice, can stimulate intestines and stomach only, what cause intestines and stomach then is unwell.

Above is small those who make up share, the officials that shovel excrement want the Pharaoh gundog of oneself is more strong and handsome, more energized feeling, must accomplish above at 4 o'clock oh!