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Ba Ji spends a dog what color is good

Pet Question

Ba Ji spends a dog all color can be accepted, it is not important that color and fleck distributing.

Choose the Ba Ji that is forced to spend a dog, it is the head that sees it above all, the head is big and scale is well-balanced. From hind the width that the occipital is more than eyebrow bone to be in slightly to the length of muzzle. The exterior of whole head is medium width. Head: Appreciably round arch, the occipital is highlighted apparently after. Wide and even head attributes flaw. The dog dog of such exterior is those who had compared.

About it before human body, bosom: Deep and plump, sternal and outstanding, apparent ground exceeds forelimb. Humeral ministry: Shoulder and elbow vis-a-vis lean in bosom, from the bosom nadir distance to the ground, should can allow him to play free movement in different landform condition, the space that the area leaves by the bosom that grown Ba Ji spends a dog does not exceed the 1/3 of shoulder height commonly. Shoulder blade retreat is inclined, and strong. Abrupt shoulder blade, wrong front, elbow attributes serious flaw outwards. When host is choosing, these are the problems that should note.

Still have the body that is it, costal long, smooth-going, backward outspread. Rib is propped up good, provide enough space for heart and lung. Flank evenness or protuberant rib attribute flaw. Back line straight, level, rise without any arch or the evidence of cave in. Arch rises or the back line of cave in attributes flaw.

Again for its hind human body, very plump, and round arch, width roughly as equal as humeral ministry. Can show anything but flabby or the deepness with whole body is contacted without what. When he stands sturdily, the knee joint position of the hind leg is small, but cannot show crouching pose. Observe from the back, hind leg each other are parallel, flying section both neither is bent upcountry, also do not break up outwards. Bovine limb or varus attribute serious flaw. Sufficient claw goes straight ahead after. Of angle of abrupt, lack hind human body attributes serious flaw. If have wolf claw, can excise.

The behavioral smooth-going that about its gait Ba Ji spends gundog, strong and relaxed. As a kind short leg tracks gundog, must hold nose from beginning to end ground of press close to. Correct gait basically is to come from at right around leg harmonious, when advancing point-blank, hind sufficient claw and before sufficient claw is in move on the line all the time together, flying section bends moderately, the movement does not appear inflexible. The foreleg cannot appear oar pose, sway or crisscross gait, elbow must body of press close to. Observe from the back, hind leg each other are parallel.