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Rich beautiful dog eats one day a few times

Pet Question

A few times does rich beautiful dog eat one day? In rich beautiful dog before 3 months, need eats much food less, need to feed everyday commonly feed 5-6 second left and right sides, early days absorbs mother milk or young dog milk powder, later period can add food of dog of one small spoon appropriately every time, but because the tooth is not full-fledged still, so need host uses dog food lukewarm bleb is soft filter it. 3 to June rich beautiful dog is fed everyday feed 4-5 second left and right sides, can begin to try to do dog food, right amount dry dog food can have the effect of grind one's teeth. When arriving one year old in June, rich beautiful dog is fed everyday feed the left and right sides 3 times.

After manhood, bodily form and appetite were secured, everyday probably 1 arrive 2 times to be able to satisfy body requirement, if have the additional activity outdoor, need spends manual word, can increase its appetite appropriately; Specific appetite is OK the weight according to dog dog, general every 1kg weight is fed feed 20~45g.

After rich beauty is born 7 years, begin to enter old age gradually, each function begins the body ageing, to prevent to increase burden of its intestines and stomach, at that time it is OK that it has a meal everyday time, mensurable hello feed the left and right sides 3 times.

Rich beauty absorbs food of how many dog neither one is fixed and numeric, can use the constant change such as the breed of food of quantity, dog, be fond of according to weight, work, the attention is not fed feed overmuch or too little but.

Here teachs a Xiaofang the law, before rich beauty did not have a thing, stroke its belly, it is soft flat those who go down, at that time belly can be pulled. In eating road from time to time feel, when when the beat that the abdomen that feels it changes is roused, the skin is shown stretch tight closely condition, about the same. Grow up generally speaking the dog is fed feed 7, 8 minutes full OK, overmuch meeting has not enough time to digest, queasy vomiting comes out, perhaps can bring about rich beauty canine weight is exorbitant, create fat appearance, occurrence health problem.

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