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What is a night owl monkey?

Pet Question

The night owl monkey actually refers to the slow loris. Generally, monkeys give people the impression of being lively and active, jumping up and down. But slow lorises, as you can tell just by the name, they are not energetic animals. Slow lorises are diurnal and nocturnal. They sleep during the day and are active at night. They are typical night owls and are also called "night owl monkeys".

What is a night owl monkey

Unfortunately, in addition to the destruction of tropical rainforests, slow lorises also face the threat of poachers, and due to their cute appearance, they are People sell them as pets, but slow lorises cannot be domesticated as domestic pets due to their nature, and the slow lorises are currently listed as a first-level endangered species in my country. Protecting them is urgent and this is a problem that people must face. Let us look forward to the fate of the slow lorises in the future.