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Where is Belgian calm than connecting canine country of origin

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13 centuries, belgium appeared more Belgian than connecting a dog calm compares Belgian level even the dog, 1891 when, professor Lu Er of Belgian vet academy of sciences bred Belgian calm than connecting a dog this new-style breed.

The color that Belgian calm compares the body that connect a dog arrives for all sorts of the color of camel's hair rufous or peach wood is lubricious. Be by the color of wool very distinctive double pigment: The most advanced metropolis of hair of every the color of camel's hair blackens. Belgian calm depends on growing as the age than connecting canine characteristic, color can become deep. Manhood is male, in humeral ministry, back and costal part, the black of hair is most advanced meeting especially apparent. Only fraction extract has black wool needle to should not requirement. Although, allow female and needle of wool of black of minor male lack, but if grown male lacks black wool needle to attribute serious flaw. Fade, if cheese color or gray hold dominant, attribute very serious flaw.

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