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Why do cats like to bite Chlorophytum edulis?

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Cats like to bite Chlorophytum edulis probably because the leaves and stems of this plant are rich in fatty acids and plant alkaloids, which have a certain stimulating effect on cats. These substances may cause the secretion of secretions in the cat's mouth, making the cat feel happy. In addition, cats may bite spider plants to practice their hunting instincts, because in the wild, cats will catch and prey on small animals.

Why do cats like to bite them? Bite the Chlorophytum

In addition, some cats may like to bite the Chlorophytum because the smell of the leaves and stems of this plant is very attractive to them. , just like humans like to eat sweets. However, it is not recommended for cats to eat too much Chlorophytum as this plant contains a chemical called oxalic acid, which may be harmful to cats.

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