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Why does a cat have a scent on its head?

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The scent on cats' heads is usually produced when they clean their bodies. Cats use their tongues to clean their skin and fur, a process called rolling. During the rolling process, the cat's tongue secretes a substance called keratase to help remove dead skin and dirt from the skin. Keratase has a unique scent, so your cat may have a scent on their head after they roll. In addition, cats have organs called glands, which are located under the hair on the cat’s cheeks and head.

Why does a cat have a scent? There is a fragrance on the head

The glands secrete a substance called feline gland oil. Feline gland oil has a unique fragrance. Can help cats mark their territory. Therefore, your cat's head may also have a scent. In short, the scent on a cat's head is usually produced by them cleaning themselves and marking their territory.

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