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What causes meningitis in dogs

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What causes meningitis in dogs

1. Parasitic infection

If the dog is not dewormed for a long time, some internal parasites migrate in the dog's body and cause meningitis when they pass through the brain and central nervous tissue, such as roundworms, heartworms, brain hydatids and so on. It is mainly manifested as the dog hitting the ground with its head, walking in circles and other symptoms, and it is necessary to use circular saw to remove the worm body and do a good job of anti-infection treatment.

2, bacterial infection

The most common cause of meningitis in dogs is bacterial infection, usually these bacteria will be parasitic in the eyes, nose or mouth, when an organ is infected, resulting in bacteria continue to spread, thereby infects the brain to form meningitis. For example, bacterial endotitis, pneumonia, endometritis and other bacterial infection, bacteria through the blood to the brain will cause infection, you can try to use antibiotics, diuretics, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment.

3, virus infection

When dogs suffer from distemper, rabies, will destroy the dog's immune system, the virus enters the nervous system, will lead to meningitis. This situation is generally no specific treatment drugs, you can try to use antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs for treatment.